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"Made our wedding the best wedding we have ever been to"

"His enthusiasm is infectious"

 "His demeanor the day-of was calm, fun, and flexible"

 "Absolutely perfect"

"The venue pretty much had to kick us out."

Kelton Higgins is a multi-award-winning DJ based in Washington, DC and Brooklyn, NY.  Flawless mixing and a vast knowledge of music combined with exceptional planning and organizational skills ensures each event is a tailored experience. Specializing in weddings (ceremony, cocktails & receptions) and private event entertainment you can be assured your working with one of the absolute best.

Full service DJ packages, MCing, photo booths, up lighting and more available.

Reviews on GoogleYelp, The Knot and beyond

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The DJ Is The Party


The DJ Is The Party

Kelton Higgins has DJed hundreds of weddings, clubs and private events across three continents over two decades.  His unique ability to combine pop and underground sensibilities, an audio engineers understanding of equipment and the organizational skills of an expert event planner places him in a category of his own. 


Wedding FAQs: 

How often do you get on the mic?
I keep my use of the microphone to announcements and the occasional call and response song. I let the music do the talking.

How long have you been DJing?
I’ve been a professional DJ for over 10 years but the journey started as a teenager buying one record after another.

How many weddings have you DJed?
I DJ about 50 weddings a year with the majority between early March and late December.

How many non-wedding events have you DJed?

That is a hard question but the number is well over 1,000. They range from well healed events for Tesla, Ferrari, Honda, Oracle, Media Matters, The White House Correspondents Dinner After Party, major medical, educational, lobbying and real estate entities… to the sweatiest warehouse parties along side underground music heroes Theo Parrish, QuestLove and DC GoGo legends Trouble Funk.

What are some of your all time favorite wedding songs?
Some favorites include:
Nelly  “Ride Wit Me (must be the money)”
Kenny Loggins “Footloose”
Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet's Back)”
David Bowie “Let’s Dance”
Le Tigre “Deceptacon”
P Square ft Akon & May D “Chop My Money”
Aretha Franklin & John Legend "What Y'All Came To Do"
City Girls “Twerk”
Violent Femmes “Gone Daddy Gone”
Ginuwine “Pony”
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats  “S.O.B.”

What is your philosophy on weddings?
Weddings should be fun. I like to work with couples starting months ahead of time to get a sense of who they are and what they want the event to be, not just the music. That way on the day of they can enjoy time with friends and family not have to think about the DJ or the music.

What makes you different from your competition?
Personality and experience set me apart. There aren’t a lot of people out there with the necessary combination of creativity and responsibility to be a great private event DJ. A lot of “real DJs” are just plain rude, and most “wedding DJs” will not push the envelope beyond the lowest common denominator. I occupy that rare middle ground where I can take the lead or take requests, play for young and old, pop or niche audiences and keep everybody dancing. I also find myself grooving along in the DJ booth and having as much fun as the guests, which tends to be infectious.

What do you do to motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?
Switch it up! I like to keep things moving and keep people guessing. Give them what they want but don’t be predictable. You have to watch your audience so you don't loose them in the first place. Eventually you get good at reading a crowd and sensing what they need to get them going.

What problems have you encountered at a wedding and how have you solved it?
A common problem is the friend or relative who has been asked to play an acoustic instrument at the wedding but didn’t realize that they needed amplification to be heard by hundreds of guests. I always pack extra microphones and cables that can turn a DJ monitor into an emergency PA system in minutes.

Do you specialize in a particular style of music?

Nope. Boundaries are boring. My music collection spans the globe, goes back to the 1940’s and gets added to each week with new music across so many styles listing them would be pointless.

Have you ever worked at venue X?

Chances are I have DJed at your venue dozens of times. In the rare instance that I haven’t DJed there before I will either swing by beforehand for venues near by or thoroughly research the venue before the day of your wedding and arrive an extra hour earlier than the normal two hours I always give myself for setup.

What equipment do you bring?

Call me if you want to go down the rabbit hole of tech talk but in short I always bring everything I need as well as back ups. The minimum is two laptops, an iPad, DJ equipment, an audio mixer, three microphones (wireless), a back up table, cables and connectors of every variety imaganble and obviously an amazing sound system. The type of sound system depends on the venue but I prefer the RCF Evox 12 for most applications.

Why can’t I hire you for just a few hours?

By the time the first song is played I’ve already spent and average of 5 hours preparing the timeline, music and floor plan details, making custom edits and mixes, organizing music in my laptop and creating backups on a secondary laptop and iPad. Another 5+ hours are spent loading equipment and driving to the venue, setting up, breakdown and returning equipment to storage. That’s an average of 10 hours beyond the hours you see me DJing. Because so much goes into each event I only offer package rates.

Why does a DJ cost what a DJ costs?

Compared to the average cost of venues ($3.5k - $25k), caterers ($9k - $15k), photographers ($2k - $10k), planners ($1.5k - $11k), bands ($4k - $10k), decor & flowers ($2k -$5k), DJs are usually the least expensive part of a wedding. Considering they are responsible for the flow of the entire day this makes them an especially good value. A real DJ is 50% event planner, 50% mind reader and 100% dance floor magician.

Call, text or email to schedule a meeting: 202-459-3600







Lighting Sets The Mood


Lighting Sets The Mood


Battery powered, wireless, Up Lights and Wash Lights allow you to fill rooms with the perfect color.

No power outlets or ugly cords required.




Tell Your Story Life Size


Tell Your Story Life Size

Projectors with 80"x80" screens allow you to share any image or video with everyone at once.


Photo Strip B&W.jpeg

Photo Booth

Everyone Loves A Good Photo

Photo Booth

Everyone Loves A Good Photo

Everyone loves photos from a Photo Booth, it's universal. From weddings to birthdays to office parties people of all ages love to get silly with friends in front of the camera. 

Photo Booths include unlimited prints, props, text messages of the photos (wifi required) backdrop of your choice, and an attendant to keep everything flowing no matter how many people are lined up to get their photo!


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Resources for special events. 

Where should the dance floor go?

One of the most common mistakes at any event is placing the DJ away from the dance floor.  There are two reasons this is a horrible, no good, very bad idea. For starters you want to have loudest area in the room be the dance floor not the area where guests are seated. Placing the DJ and speakers at the edge of the dance floor ensures that this happens.  Additionally, for a DJ to properly read the crowd they have to keep an eye on the dancers and an ear on the volume. Again this is best done from the edge of the dance floor. 


Good Floor Plan



Make a check list with all of the following to avoid surprises at your event!  

Have a plan and stick with it. Events are highly choreographed behind the scenes.  Lots of people are working together to make them flawless. The best time for changing details is in the months, weeks and days ahead of time not in the seconds before hand. 

- Use Google Docs for planning and working with all vendors. With a shared timeline and other vital details everyone can stay on the same page, quite literally. With everyone using a shared document you can cut down on unnecessary emails and for once the photographers can have the timeline ahead of time.  

- Avoid "Dance Sets" with a DJ. These only make sense with live bands that need to take breaks.  Let the DJ build up the energy and take people on a seamless musical journey - that's what they do.   

- Whose wedding is it anyway? To put it another way, too many chefs spoil the broth, a camel is a horse designed by committee, three's a crowd... If you are not saying I DO then chances are it’s not your wedding and the music should reflect that.

- Break events into simple logical blocks such as: drinking, followed by eating, followed by toasts, followed by dancing.  The more complicated the event the less likely it will work as planned.  Keep in mind that each time you start or stop a large group of people from doing anything it can add 5 to 15 chaotic minutes to the timeline and zaps momentum.  

- Food is the anchor of the timeline. Food is hot when it's hot and it takes a certain amount of time to feed people and for them to eat. If you don't leave a little wiggle room for dinner in the timeline you run the risk of cold food and rushing what should be a relaxed portion of the event. 

- Some venues look good and some sound good. Rooms made with marble, glass, stone, square shapes, domed ceilings, low ceilings and without any absorbing material often sound bad when you add large numbers of people and music. If you are using a space that fits this description add absorbing materials like heavy drapes or thicker table cloths to help the room from sounding shrill.

- Can you control the lighting? Are there dimmers or light switches you are allowed to turn on and off?

- Sparklersfog machines are usually not allowed and often set off fire alarms or even the sprinkler systems! Find out ahead of time.

- How loud can your event be? Establish how loud your event can be and what time the music needs to be cut off.  Some venues have shockingly restrictive rules about this. 

- Which areas can you use and which are open to the public

- Do all vendors have the same floor plan and timeline?

- Is there an electrical outlet where you need it? Does it work? 

- What is the rain plan

- Avoid having guests sitting or standing outdoors in the hot sun, trust me. People fainting during ceremonies in the hot sun is not as uncommon as you might think. 

- If you don't have enough seating for all of your guests, have enough tall tables for everyone to stand and eat at.  

- Is someone from the venue there to help if something goes wrong?

- Is there parking for vendors and guests who can't move their vehicle? 

Planners who get it:

Another Wild Hare

Bella Notte


The Coordinated Collective

Engaging Affairs

DC Day Of DCdayOf (at) (Chelsea is a day of coordinator who really gets it - don't let the lack of a website fool you)

Photographers you want to work with:

Alicia Wiley Photography

Anthony Poff Photography

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By Asa Photography

Duhon Photography

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Ken Pak Photography

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Videographers to capture it all:

Monachetti Weddings

Quixotic Worx Films

Sage And Silhouettes

Shutter And Sound Wedding Cinematography

Wolfcrest Photography

Florists who will amaze you:

Atelier Ashley Flowers

Holland Flowers

Michael B. Anthony

Sweet Root Village

Production companies for events:


Bond Events

Elegance & Simplicity, INC.

Encore Decor Inc

Event Revolution

Nomad Events

Syzygy Events

Event furniture & necessities:

Party Rentals LTD

Something Vintage Rentals

Wedding Venues I love (guest capacity):

Accelerator Space, Baltimore, MD (275 seated, 375 cocktail style).

Airlie - Warrenton, VA (180 capacity).

Aix La Chapelle Farm - Poolsville, MD (200 capacity).

American Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore, MD (400 dinner & dancing).

Arts Club of Washington - Washington, DC (180 seated).

The Assembly Room - Baltimore, MD (200 seated)

Atrium at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, Vienna, VA (230 seated, 300 standing).

Baltimore Museum of Art - Baltimore, MD (200 capacity).

Brenwood Lake Weddings - Luray VA (Recommended Vendor) (200 capacity).

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, Stevensville, MD (350 capacity).

Clarendon Ballroom - Clarendon, VA (220 capacity).

Comet Ping Pong - Washington, DC (Recommended Vendor) (150 or 200 in multiple rooms).

Decatur House on Lafayette Square - Washington, DC (400 capacity).

District Winery, Washington, DC (200 capacity).

Dock 5 at Union Market - Washington DC (400 to 2000 capacity).

Eastern Market's North Hall - Washington, DC  (Recommended Vendor) (190 with a dance floor).

Evergreen Museum & Library  - Baltimore, MD (320 Tented Patio & Carriage Room no dance floor, 220 Tented Patio & Carriage Room with dance floor).

Ghibellina - Washington, DC (Recommended Vendor) (86 in private diningroom).

Glen Echo Park - Glen Echo, MD (Recommended Vendor) (800 Spanish Ballroom dancing, 450 dinner & dancing, 350 Bumper Car Pavilion theater seating, 200 dinner & dancing).

Hook Hall - Washington DC (270 seated).

Hotel Monaco, Washington, DC (200 capacity).

Josephine Butler Parks Center - Washington, DC (Recommended Vendor) (300 standing, 150 dinner & dancing).

Khimaira Farm - Luray, VA (250 capacity).

Long View Gallery - Washington, DC (200 dinner & dancing).

Oxon Hill Manor,  Oxon Hill, MD (300 standing, 210 seated, 170 seated with dancing).

Raspberry Plain Manor - Leesburg, VA (200 capacity).

Riverside On The Potomac - Leesburg, VA (260 capacity).

Sagamore Pendry Hotel, Baltimore, MD (240 seated with a dance floor).

Shenandoah Woods - Luray VA (Recommended Vendor) (200 capacity).

Strong Mansion - Dickerson, MD (150 capacity).

Sylvanside Farm - Purcellville, VA (350 capacity).

The Loft at 600 F - Washington, DC (Recommended Vendor) (150 capacity).

The Mayflower Hotel - Washington, DC (300 capacity).

The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown - Washington, DC (130 capacity).

Thorpewood - Thurmont, MD (150 capacity).

Torpedo Factory Art Center - Alexandria, VA (220 seated, 350 theater style seating, 450 standing).

Winslow Room, Baltimore, MD (250 capacity).

Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion - Chevy Case, MD (170 spring, summer and fall, 120 winter months).


Corcoran Caterers

The Catering Company of Washington

High Point Catering & Events

Main Event Caterers

Occasions Caterers

Purple Onion Catering


Rouge Fine Catering

Signature Caterers

Simply Fresh Events

Windows Catering Company

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Media coverage:

National Gallery of Art

Free After-Hours Evenings at the Edge Program Returns on September 13 for Six Thursdays in Fall and Spring

October 11 | East Building 40th Birthday Party

I. M. Pei's iconic East Building opened in 1978. The Gallery is celebrating 40 years of this landmark building and modern art collection with disco music from local favorite DJ Kelton Higgins, a film inspired by the East Building, and pop-up talks featuring works of art from the 1970s. Visitors can design birthday cards, construct the museum of the future using blocks and magnetic tiles, play beloved games from the disco era, and indulge in cake pops and a variety of empanadas.

Washington Post, 4 concerts to catch in the Washington area over the next several days


In the late aughts, the D.C. dance revolution was in full swing with a handful of monthly parties, each with its own gimmick. While Nouveau Riche did neon electro-house and Kids stuck to malt-liquor-fueled ’90s hip-hop, the funk-soul brothers of Fatback focused on the groove: disco, boogie, house, R&B — anything along the Kool & the Gang-Kraftwerk continuum. The formula (if you could call it one) worked, as Fatback electrified dance floors all along the U Street corridor before hanging up their turntables in 2013. But like everything in the era of reunions and reboots, Fatback is back to celebrate its 10th anniversary. April 7 at 9 p.m. at Ten Tigers. $5.

Oslo Norway


Bravo TV ranks La Boum in the top 5 Party Brunches in the U.S.A.

La Boum in Washington DC ranked in the top 5 best parties you can attend (while "eating" brunch) along side events in LA, Miami, Vegas & NYC.

"Weekends should be lazy, and should definitely include sprawling late-morning meals and a parade of mimosas. D.C. French restaurant L’Enfant Cafe makes the dream come alive. Breakfast service goes from first gear to warp-speed as the brunch hour hits. Windows are covered, shielding table-top-dancing guests of all walks from outside stares as Burlesque performers work the room, the confetti rains down and LED-lit bottles of booze and mimosas flow."

Skral Festival Grimstad Norway

DJ Fatback kommer rett fra USA for å spille på Skral Festival. Han står bak FATBACK DC som i en årrekke har vært blant de mest populære klubbkveldene i den amerikanske hovedstaden, Washington D.C. Musikkstilen er eklektisk og sjelfull, og kan enklest oppsummeres som svart dansemusikk av ypperste kaliber. Med seg har han DJ Gus fra det Oslo­baserte klubbkollektivet Jungster. Sammen serverer de husmusikk, elektronisk RnB og tropisk bass.

WAMU Art Beat With Lauren Landau

Aug. 28: “Art After Dark”

Your work week isn’t over. Sorry. But you can make plans to kick off the weekend at the Art Museum of the Americas. The sixth installment of “Art After Dark”, a 21-plus event, starts Friday at 8 p.m. Held in the museum’s French gardens, this after-hours party will feature music by Chilean-born, German-raised singer-producer Matias Aguayo and by local DJ Kelton Higgins. You’ll also watch Dominique Paul of Canada present “Americas’ Folly,” a performance art piece about inequality and the environment.

The Last Fatback: Celebrating One of D.C.’s Coolest DJ Collectives

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that one of the most renown and well-known DJ collectives in the District, Fatback, is throwing it’s last party before the group disbands.

*pause for a moment of silence*

Sad, but true.

It was only five years ago when seven friends came together at an Eritrean restaurant over a shared passion for funk, soul, disco, and the sweaty dancing that usually accompanies all three. Conceived by the music stylings of Philippe Chetrit, Danny Harris, KC Higgins, Michael T. Miller, Sean Peoples, Steven Swann, and Patrick White, the concept of Fatback was created out of a very unique type of necessity: the need to bring family and friends together through sweaty beats.

Like all things too good to not share with your friends (i.e. a bottle of good whiskey, gummy bears, picture of your hottest hookup), Fatback provided a form of fun and entertainment that was so different from the typical fare of D.C. clubs, it quickly became popular with…well…everybody. The group’s throwdowns spread beyond the founders’ social circles and grew into one of the most highly anticipated DJ-ing events in the city. For the past few years, Fatback shows have brought in massive crowds, headlined major venues, and packed dance floors all over the city.

And after five years of rocking D.C.’s face off, the group has decided it all must come to an end.

But before you pour some of your malt liquor onto the curb in remembrance of Fatback, there is a silver lining to the group’s end: the biggest Fatback blowout in D.C. history. The group is taking over all three floors of Liv nightclub, and will be pulling out all the stops to make their sendoff the most unforgettable night in Fatback history.

The party will kick off Saturday night (February 16th)  at 2001 U Street at 10:00 pm, and will cost $10 at the door.

So grab your blazer, throw on that sweatband, and get ready to spank the planks at one of the greatest dance parties you’ll ever attend in this city.

To commemorate Fatback’s last show, I have also included a slideshow of my favorite posters from the past year.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you on the dance floor.

Washington Post Nightlife Agenda: Old Town bar crawl, rooftop DJs and a free Afrobeat dance party


Great Dates: Dance Wine bars, live music, dance clubs, skating rinks, and lots more ideas to spice up your life.

Die-hard dancers will find funk, soul, go-go, and more at the popular Fatback ( party. Thrown the third Saturday of each month at Liv, inside Bohemian Caverns (2001 11th St., NW; 202-299-0800;, it’s hosted by a group of seven rotating spin masters. The event is frequently touted as one of the most energetic dance parties in Washington.

Fatback Time Travelers Ball New Years Eve DC

One Love Massive and Smirnoff team up to bring you the Nation’s Capitol’s most notorious DJ troupe The Fatback DC DJs. One Love Massive, a premier entertainment solutions company here in the District, will host The Fatback Time Travelers Ball, a night of wonderment, imagination, fantasy, funk, soul and dancing!

The event takes place December 31st, 2011 at Slaviya 2424 18th Street NW in Adams Morgan.  The event starts at 8pm and will go to a historical 4am.  General Admission starts at $30 in advance and Bottle/Table Service is available for $500, tickets not included.  Tickets are limited and can be purchased here.

Slaviya is located in the heart of Adams Morgan and proudly boasts a space that holds up to 350 people. Advance tickets offer a green initiative as well because One Love Massive ticketing plants a tree for every ticket sold and the service fees are the lowest in the city.

Fatback DJs are DCs best bet for the ultimate dance party.  Noted for their style of music Fatback blows up the spot with vintage R&B, gritty soul, and “funky-yet-smooth disco that urges you to move your feet” kinda jams. Fatback parties always end late with the lights on and everyone still dancing.



We have a very special mix this month for Fatback’s 1 year anniversary which goes down tonight @ Red Lounge.

download here –

Fatback 1 Year Anniversary – Double Mix

A Side – Mixed by KC
Blow you head – James Brown / Fred Wesley
I Believe in Miracles – Jackson Sisters
What a Baby – The Joe Cuba Sextet
Mainline – Black Ivory
Burnin’ Up – King & Hound Re-Edit
Da Wiesel Shotgun – Da Wiesel
Pockets – K’ Bonus
SBC – AGFA Vs Neighbor
Log Train Running Original Version – Doobie Brothers
Sunshine of Your Love – Spanky Wilson
In The Basement (Theo Parrish re-edit) – Etta James.
Nervous Like Me – The Dap Kings
Lazy Boogaloo – George Guzman
Sure Hope You Mean It – Raphael Saadiq
B Side – Mixed by Pete
David Axelrod, “Urizen”
Azymuth, “Dear Limmertz”
Marvin Gaye, “You Sure Love to Ball”
Trouble Funk, “Freaky Situation”
Fase 0, “Riding High”
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, “I Hope That We Can Get Together Soon”
Cody ChesNUTT, “Serve This Royalty”

Fatback Photo Stream

Now that’s how you party.

Washington Post:  Nightwatch Selam Is Getting Into the Groove

By Fritz Hahn. Special to The Washington Post

Selam Restaurant sits on a heavily trafficked stretch of U Street NW, midway between Adams Morgan and the 14th Street corridor, but unless you're a fan of Eritrean food, you've probably buzzed by the place without a second thought.

In the past year, though, Selam has been growing under the radar, luring DJs from some of the city's better-known clubs and dance parties to spin in the intimate basement space, whether for one night or for a monthly residency.

Sam "The Man" Burns, dean of Washington's deep house scene after long runs at Red and Dragonfly, worked the decks in March. DJ Meistro, known for dropping hip-hop bombs at the acclaimed Oh Snap! parties at Wonderland, took a regular turn at a night called Solid Gold. Neil Payne, formerly of the house-rocking PartyDC crew, joined Pete Welsch, once a resident at Baltimore's Sonar nightclub, and Eighteenth Street Lounge alumna Christine Moritz for Chuffed, which melds funk and down-tempo with Deee-Lite and old-school rap.

DJ K.C. Higgins sold the owners on hosting a monthly house-music night last spring, but the scene didn't pick up until winter when Chris Burns came on board. Burns, a recent D.C. transplant who spins classic disco and soulful house at venues as diverse as the Rock and Roll Hotel, Bohemian Caverns and Napoleon, played at Selam at Higgins's invitation, and says that as soon as he wandered down a short flight of stone steps and saw the restaurant's single room, "I saw its potential and saw how it was underused."

Selam is an unlikely club or lounge, although a few promoters have tried in the past, most notably when it was a hipster hangout called Fluid for a few weeks in summer 2001. The space is no bigger than a one-bedroom apartment, and I've seen bigger dance floors at house parties, once the sofa and coffee table were moved out of the living room. Honestly, it feels more like a friend's spartan finished basement -- one with a long, curving bar, a dozen stools and old photos of Eritrea on the battered walls.

Burns and Higgins got to work on booking DJs, mostly house and hip-hop but giving DJs freedom to experiment as long as it got the room moving.

The resulting crowd is a melting pot you don't see at most clubs and what really sets Selam apart from its competition. A guy with a mohawk dances next to a man with dreads; a woman with a brightly patterned dress sits at the bar next to a couple whose clothes could pass for casual Friday wear. Black, white, Asian. Sneakered, dress-shoed, high-heeled. The uniting factor is a love of music and a willingness to throw yourself out on the floor, get lost in the grooves and dance away the working week's problems.

Last Friday, as DJ Onis led the crowd on an hour-long journey from Madonna to Duran Duran, then up-tempo mambo and Latin on the way to deep, bass-rich house music, more than half of the 75 to 80 people present were gyrating on the dance floor instead of hanging out at the bar. Spontaneous break dancing erupted, women twirled in place and the folks who ducked out to the front stoop for a cigarette or some fresh air kept nodding their heads to the beat. (The air conditioning isn't on blast, so dress for comfort if you're going to dance.)

"You've got to be pretty open-minded to come in here," Burns says. "There's not a funny light system or white leather couches or bottle service. It's a basement, a red light and a stereo."

For at least a moment on Friday night, or the Saturday before that, or a Friday before, I flashed back to Red, the legendary late-night refuge, or the back room at the old State of the Union, where outfits and expensive drinks were secondary to the joy of dancing to an eclectic mix of tunes that could wind up anywhere by the end of a set.

The real proof, though, is that the crowd on the dance floor always beats the crowd gathered around the bar.

Selam is family run, and the owners keep it basic and friendly: There's no cover or dress code, and you'll pay $5 or less for Heineken or other beers. Chat with the bartender long enough and you might get a shot on the house, and free food is offered on occasion.

"We've been in business for 10 years," explains Moses Haile, son of owner Haile Gersus. "We've tried jazz and funk. I took over as manager a year ago, and this is what I like to do, so I thought, 'Why not try something new?' We've seen an increase in business, and K.C. and Chris have such a diverse group of people."

There's more to come. Moses Haile is considering opening the restaurant's second room, currently dominated by a large pool table, and installing new lights and sound equipment. Burns and Higgins are talking about adding regular Thursday night events.

On Friday, Burns and friend Gavin Holland, who has a show on XM Radio and DJs at DC9's monthly Nouveau Riche party, unveil an eclectic new night called Party Bros. Holland promises "a really awesome time. . . . I'm definitely going to play 'Tell It to My Heart' by Taylor Dane. I'll play the Stooges and I'll play N.W.A. I'll play 'I'll House You' by the Jungle Brothers at least five times."

DJ Will Eastman, founder of the long-running Bliss night at the Black Cat and the man behind regular parties at the 9:30 club and the Rock and Roll Hotel, is slated to take over the second Friday of the month, while Ris Richards, the former Q and Not U guitarist who now runs Crowd Control at DC9, will have the third Friday slot.

But Burns stresses that he's not limiting the schedule to big names. "Other than Sam Burns's night, there's no deep house nights in the city on a weekly basis. Where can a new DJ go out and cut their teeth? A lot of people got their start at Mantis and Rendezvous, and those places are gone.

"Selam gave me the chance to spin, to get known. If you have good musical taste and background, I'll put you in."

Selam Restaurant 1524 U St. NW; 202-462-4758 Scene: A rotating cast of DJs turns a tiny Eritrean restaurant into one of the city's most eclectic dance clubs on Friday and Saturday nights.

© The Washington Post Company


Videos can be found on Vimeo.

Video shot at the Hirshhorn Gallery during a Fatback DJs event. 

Video from a fall 2016 wedding from Shutter and Sound Films.

Video from a 600 student prom Spring 2016.

My mix was used as the soundtrack for this video by One Love Massive.

A video documentary filmed at the second to last Fatback party featured another one of my mixes.

Short clip from a 2014 event for 4,800 high school aged students at the DC Armory. Audio is distorted due to proximity of the subwoofers. 

As a member of the Fatback DJs I've had the pleasure of DJing one of Washington's biggest monthly parties.

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Reviews for Kelton Higgins aka DJ KC:

Kelsey M.

Kelton - getting to have a dance party with dear family and friends with you as the DJ will go down as one of the best experiences of my life. It was a dream come true having a DJ spend the whole night playing my favorite tunes as well as tunes that were a delightful surprise and so in line with what we love. We experienced a masterpiece listening and dancing to what you pulled together.


The only thing I wanted was for guests to dance at my wedding. I was so nervous that the dance floor would be empty. I relaxed as soon as the tunes began because DJ KC killed it from start to finish! He plated the perfect dinner music, my parents loved it and guests kept coming up to our table and telling us how great the music was. After dinner it was party time! KC didn’t miss a beat and everyone was already up and moving before I was! I was so happy to see my guests dancing and singing along to all the songs KC was playing! He really felt the crowd and kept the vibe upbeat and fun all night!


We hired DJ KC on recommendation of our friends, and he was fantastic! DJ KC gave us lots of helpful tools to create a playlist and a timeline. Most importantly, he absolutely crushed the playlist! He played the obscure songs we wanted to hear, mixed in seamlessly with crowd favorites. He took requests, but was judicious in playing them, and kept everyone dancing the whole night away! He was very nice and professional, and a calming presence during the wedding. He kept us on the timeline but was also flexible. Could not recommend highly enough!


We ended up working with DJ KC who did an awesome job at our wedding. He worked with us extensively to make sure that he knew the music we wanted and how to MC the reception. His music selection was great; we had numerous guests comment on what a great mix he played, and he kept the dance floor full all night.


DJ KC was a true professional and got every butt out of their seats and onto that dance floor! He was wonderful to work with from our first meeting to the last song of the night. He worked with our style and kept things high energy throughout the evening. Would recommend him to anyone who prioritizes the dancing portion of their big day!


KC did such an amazing job!! Out of everything involved with planning my wedding, the music was pretty high on the anxiety-causing list - I can be pretty picky about it and was worried about having songs that were too cheesy, too "party-like", too weird for the group, etc.... take it from me that you do NOT need to worry about it if you use KC as your DJ! He chose such a great mix of songs based on the suggestions I gave and I got great feedback from both the young and older crowds. Everyone was happy and found something they were happy to dance along with.

I had a deviation from the schedule and he was so flexible that it felt like nothing had even changed from the plan. He says just the right amount to keep things flowing smoothly, while also not being the center of attention for the event. He's a really nice person who you feel like is there to help you any way he can and just be part of the fun.

For the planning, he provides a spreadsheet that is super helpful for planning out the timing and where you can put all your "must have" songs and other things like wording for announcements, etc. It is a great tool. He is also very responsive to messages and phone calls.

With all that said, I would definitely recommend you book with him for care-free planning and a great party! Thanks for making our night so fun, KC!

ETA Adventures

Kelton was an absolute dream to work with. From planning out the details months prior to our event to the actual event itself, he was fantastic! He was professional and yet kept our students engaged and having a good time even after an exhausting day for them (students). If you are looking for a DJ that will keep your party entertained all night, you won't go wrong with Kelton!

Tomeka T.

KC is amazing! He DJ'ed our company Holiday Party and everybody has been requesting him every since. We already plan on using him for our 2017 party. He kept the crowd energetic and moving.

Angie V.

Kelton was a pleasure to work with!  He DJ'ed for our small family party and everyone is still talking about how much fun it was and that the music "made" the party.  KC was very attentive to our gathering, turning down the music during the speeches and played a mix of our requests and other music appropriate for our small crowd.  We would definitely hire him for our next event.

Drew K.

DJ KC (Kelton Higgins) DJ'ed my wedding a little over a month ago and knocked it out of the park.  It was very important to my wife and I that our guests be on their feet and having a good time.  KC did not dissapoint and had all of my crazy friends dancing all night long.  In fact, we extended the reception another hour and a half (kind of last minute) and he was completely cool with the extended time and didn't even charge us!  That was very refreshing as it seems like everyone only sees dollar signs when the word "wedding" is mentioned.  If you are looking for a great wedding DJ, or just a great DJ in general, look no further!

Edith C.

KC is as good as they get!  He DJ'd a wedding reception and the music was fantastic.  He read the crowd, played what got them dancing and kept it that way through the evening.  If there were 10 stars I would have rated him that!  You can't go wrong with KC.

Lauren C.

We met KC through another DJ pal and thought his personality would be a great match for our wedding reception.  He has such a huge repertoire of music that it was hard to choose!  We sent him our requests, and he made sure our favorites were played and he did a superb job of mixing old and new to keep all ages entertained.  The dance floor was rocking all night!  You couldn't ask for a more talented DJ and nicer guy to take the music reigns at your event!

Jeff T.

We were very luckily paired with DJ KC after inquiring with DJ Mac and Associates for our wedding in July 2015 in Arlington.  
The music could not have gone better.  The tag line on DJ Mac and Associates' web site "The best day of your life.  Made better." truly sums up the experience we had with DJ KC.  I had extremely high expectations for the music at our wedding and KC BLEW THEM OUT OF THE WATER.  Seriously, you cannot go wrong with this guy.   KC worked with us to craft the prefect evening.  He provided us a list of over 4000 songs for us to go through if we wanted to so he could get a better idea of our likes and dislikes.  This was beneficial but I am pretty sure he knew just by talking to us over the months leading up to the wedding.  We chose the cocktail hour music and he executed that playlist perfectly.  His music choices set the scene during dinner without being too loud or intrusive.  KC was also flexible on the day of the event when we had to change things up because of weather.  But most importantly he kept the dance floor going the entire night.  There is nothing more important when it comes to a wedding in our opinion and he crushed it.  He even somehow worked in "Punk Rock Girl" without it clearing the dance floor.   DJ KC / DJ Mac and Associates web site have a great section titled "here's what we will do / here's what we won't do" and it's spot on.  The last one "We will set a new standard" is completely true.  He could not have done a better job.  But the most important one is "We will make you happy."  He did and we couldn't be happier.  Thanks KC.

Peter D.

I had the sublime pleasure of hearing KC with a group of friends at a bar in Washington last night. You've never seen someone infuse passion into their trade as KC does. We danced our faces off.

Tatiana T.  

Wow! Where do I begin? Kelton "KC" was our DJ, the perfect fit for our Greek/Spanish wedding on June 27, 2015 in Baltimore! He listened to what we wanted and did NOT want played at our wedding ceremony and reception... and it was perfect. It takes talent to mix and blend Top 40, Spanish, Electronic, Hip-Hop and Greek music (we didn't think it would be possible.... Man, we were wrong). KC had everyone on the dance floor the ENTIRE NIGHT (ages 6-80). The best part was after 6 hours of non-stop, seamless transitions of amazing music... No one wanted to leave. Guests were yelling, "one more song, one more song"... It was fantastic!!!   He was so professional, set-up and ready to go earlier than expected. I want to throw another party just to have the chance to work with him again.  Thank you KC for allowing us to have the most amazing and memorable wedding!!!

Brie M.

We loved DJ KC! He was very easy to work with and made the planning process simple. He did a phenomenal job incorporating our musical preferences while keeping the party lively. The dance floor was never empty. We highly recommend him!

Jackie F.

KC was our DJ for our recent June 20, 2015 wedding. I couldn't wait to write a review for him because he was absolutely amazing! Our family loves to dance and KC really made them feel comfortable and had our guests dancing from the very start to the very end! He was so friendly and easy to talk with. Being the bride I was extremely nervous, but having KC there was such a relief and really made me feel much calmer and able to have fun and not worry about my guests. Thank you again KC! And I hope we will be able to use you again in the future for another event!

Emily B.

Going into our wedding, we knew that music and dancing was one of our biggest priorities. At weddings we'd attended in the past, we always gauged how great a wedding was by how long people stayed on the dance floor. So going into the DJ selection process, we felt a lot of pressure to make the perfect choice - and in hindsight, we could not have made a better choice! Not only was KC incredibly easy to work with, he was personable, friendly, and completely open to our music choices and ideas. He provided multiple spreadsheets and planning documents from early on so we had plenty of time to think through our choices. When we got to the few weeks before the wedding, KC answered all of my questions in an incredibly timely manner, and provided us with additional ideas for music when we couldn't make a decision for the last dance or mother/son dance song. His demeanor the day -of was calm, fun, and flexible. He read the audience really well and changed music to keep people dancing. He also was great about prompting us on the timeline so we could keep the night on track. The best thing I can say about KC is that we still had more than half our guests dancing at the end of the night!

Matthew Q.

I've been listening to KC DJ for years at clubs around DC, and he has a way of making a big club feel like a welcoming house party. I contacted him to do the music at our wedding. It was terrific--he got everyone dancing, young and old, from song one, and mixed in all our personal favorites with crowd pleasers and kept the party going.  I knew him mainly from his dance nights where he mixes up some great rare vinyl tracks, so I was really impressed with the wedding and his ability to play a diverse set of music. He got everyone involved, even aunts and uncles who probably haven't been to a club in decades. He played all the classics people wanted to hear, without relying on a bunch of obvious, corny wedding staples. And he did the MCing just right--kept everything on track, great guy to have around, with none of that thing where you have a weird stranger DJ hamming it up in the middle of your big day. As for audio engineering, I'm not really an expert, but he has a huge selection of his own gear and has wired up a lot of new clubs around DC for big-name owners, so definitely check him out if you want to set up a great-sounding system in your bar or restaurant.

Pedro M.

Kelton (he goes by KC) Dj'ed my wedding, and he was phenomenal.  PHENOMENAL.  Honestly, among the many people involved in my wedding, he was the friggin best (aside from my wife, who married me).  He was better than my parents, better than the photographer, the wedding people at the hotel, my siblings, and the list goes on.  I remember, a little ways through the wedding night, after we had finished speeches/food --- i just looked at him and said "it's all yours".  And he just drove the night; our guests danced for hours afterward, and we didnt have a thing to worry about.   He gave us a very reasonable price, for high quality sound and just a great experience.  He set the tone for the wedding; PATIENT, professional, and just a wonderful person to deal with.  He listened to all our music requests, helped us organize the timing/schedule of events during our wedding, and was THE BEST vendor we dealt with.  I rarely give out 5 star reviews, but i'd give him 10 if i could.  He's just that good of a dude to deal with amidst the crazy process of planning a wedding.

Weddingwire Reviews for Kelton "KC" Higgins


KC (Kelton) from Marquee did a great job at our wedding. He was very responsive when we had questions and he provided tools that we could use to help us with the ceremony and reception timeline. The music sounded great and everyone was very happy. People were getting dowwwwn on the dance floor. He played the music that kept them dancing but he also made time to throw in the not so popular music that the bride loved (thank you for playing Ace of Base). He helped make our wedding fun and silly and it made the night that much more special for the happy couple. Thank you KC, and Marquee, for a wonderful and memorable evening!

Private User

I booked DJ KC through Marquee Artists, and we were thrilled with his work the evening of our wedding reception. KC is very organized and contacted us early to find out what we needed. He provided music and a sound system for our our cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing. KC offered to meet in person, but I was unable to do so and instead had a phone call with him. He has an extensive songlist and gets a feel for what the couple wants. I have to admit that KC saved me from some of my bad music suggestions and instead read the crowd well enough to keep them on their feet for 3 hrs with music that he and the guests selected. We had a blast, our guests were having a great time, and before we knew it, the evening was over. Without our asking, KC stayed an extra 30 minutes past his contracted time just to keep the party alive -- that was above and beyond what we expected, and we are grateful for everything he did to make our reception such a memorable event. On top of all of that, KC is a joy to work with - polite, thoughtful, and professional at all times.


We absolutely recommend Marquee Artists to anyone who is looking for a DJ! We worked with KC for our wedding party and he was fantastic. From the prompt response to our initial inquiry up til the party, the lines of communication were open and easy and so timely! Working with Kelton was easily one of the most stress-free experiences we had. He provided a spreadsheet from the beginning to work with that gave us ideas on what songs to play but he truly put in the work to make our party so much fun. We received so many compliments during and after the party on the music. So so happy we chose Marquee Artists to DJ our event!


KC did such an amazing job!! Out of everything involved with planning my wedding, the music was pretty high on the anxiety-causing list - I can be pretty picky about it and was worried about having songs that were too cheesy, too "party-like", too weird for the group, etc.... take it from me that you do NOT need to worry about it if you use KC as your DJ! He chose such a great mix of songs based on the suggestions I gave and I got great feedback from both the young and older crowds. Everyone was happy and found something they were happy to dance along with.

I had a deviation from the schedule and he was so flexible that it felt like nothing had even changed from the plan. He says just the right amount to keep things flowing smoothly, while also not being the center of attention for the event. He's a really nice person who you feel like is there to help you any way he can and just be part of the fun.

For the planning, he provides a spreadsheet that is super helpful for planning out the timing and where you can put all your "must have" songs and other things like wording for announcements, etc. It is a great tool. He is also very responsive to messages and phone calls.

With all that said, I would definitely recommend you book with him for care-free planning and a great party! Thanks for making our night so fun, KC!


KC Higgins recently DJ'd our wedding, and he was phenomenal! To start, planning was organized and simple; they use Google Drive and online systems to organize details, sign contracts, create agendas, and select songs, which made it all easy. We had a couple brief calls with him so he could get a sense of what we were looking for, and also edited our songs (first dance, father-daughter, mother-song) for us so they would be a reasonable length :).

Then, at the event, KC was fantastic. He arrived early, set up, and then came and found us while we were having photos taken so that we could meet in person. The music he played was awesome. With practically every song throughout dinner and the reception, I felt myself thinking, "oh, I love this one!" (despite all the running around and chatting I was doing) -- and it seems like that was the case for our guests as well, because they sure stayed on the dance floor :). Something that I think also facilitated that was that KC transitioned so well from song to song, and didn't necessarily play songs all the way through. I had several people tell me the next day at our brunch that it was one of the best dancing weddings they've been to.

Thank you, KC!!


We were SO HAPPY with DJ KC. He was recommended by a friend who had attended another wedding he DJ'd and we are so grateful he was able to do our wedding as well. The rate is slightly higher than I was originally looking at for a DJ but he was absolutely worth it!

He was helpful in every step of planning, coordinating, and executing all of the details of our reception. He gave us samples for reception time lines and great music suggestions while we were planning and I could not have been happier with how it went on the wedding day. On the wedding day he arrived early to get everything set up well in advance and was very communicative throughout the day making sure everything stayed on schedule without interrupting or rushing anything else that was going on. Everyone I've talked to about the wedding has complimented him, the dance floor was going non stop the whole night with great music for all of the generations present!

Private User

If you are looking for a guaranteed way to keep your wedding guests on the dance floor, go DJ KC. My husband and I hired with DJ KC for our wedding cocktail hour and reception music and it was the BEST dance party we have ever attended! We had to move our cake table out of the way because the dance floor was overflowing--guests from ages 2 to 90 were out there dancing! KC was involved in the music selection and paid key attention to the genres we wanted (ex. 90s rap, early 2000s, top hits) to make sure that every song was a crowd-pleaser and he did not disappoint. Highly recommend!


DJ KC was a true professional and got every butt out of their seats and onto that dance floor! He was wonderful to work with from our first meeting to the last song of the night. He worked with our style and kept things high energy throughout the evening. Would recommend him to anyone who prioritizes the dancing portion of their big day!


We had a fantastic experience with DJ KC at our wedding in March of 2017, in Alexandria, VA. He was responsive throughout the wedding planning process, and was receptive to all of our input on our many and varied song requests. He even went above and beyond in finding sound clips and editing songs together to form a couple of different themed medleys. He also did a tremendous job in mic'ing up our ceremony, and with the uplighting for the event.  Many of our guests commented that this was the best wedding DJ they've ever heard. Would highly recommend DJ KC.

Megan John

My now-husband and I booked DJ KC on a whim after stealing him from one of our friends, who spoke extremely highly of him and booked him for her own wedding. From our initial communications with the owner, we could tell we were in good hands. From the first call it was obvious that KC is a gem - very thorough in likes/dislikes, but also extremely helpful with suggestions. He literally set up a google spreadsheet with tabs for "planned", "must play", "would like", "do not play", "cocktail hour" etc - SO organized and helpful, especially as people with admittedly picky music tastes, and he adhered to it perfectly!

Now on the actual wedding day - WOW. All I can say is out of all of my vendors, KC was absolutely my favorite, and we do not take our wedding music lightly! We continue to have compliments about our DJ and the party he created flowing in - I honestly wish I had a dollar for every rave I've heard about him from my friends (including one that is a DJ himself in Colorado). KC stuck to the timeline and was very professional, yet he got our friends to completely light up the dance floor throughout the night! He was also great with utilizing the songs we wanted while weaving in requests from guests, who again, all loved him (including parents!). I have received many "best wedding ever", "I don't even like weddings but I liked your wedding" and "what an amazingly fun wedding" compliments and I honestly think it is all due to KC!

Private User

KC was a wonderful DJ at my daughter's wedding. The event took place during the January blizzard and he went out of his way to make the reception the success that it was. He delivered all of his equipment on Friday, the day before the wedding, and somehow got to the venue during the storm on Saturday. He was sensitive to the musical tastes of the multinational guests and there were many smiling faces as he switched up the music selections frequently. We would highly recommend KC for any event. 
Our sincere thanks to him for being there for our daughter in very difficult weather conditions.


I would recommend our DJ, KC, in a heartbeat. He was fantastic. We received tons of complements from our guests about how he was the best DJ they had heard. In addition, KC was an absolute pleasure to work with. He played everything we requested, including finding the perfect 1 minute clip of the Ohio State marching band fight song that we used to introduce my parents at the reception. KC has such a positive attitude and it reflected in his work. We also used the sound system for our outdoor ceremony. The sound was perfect.


We had DJ KC and he was fantastic! He did a phenomenal job incorporating our musical preferences while keeping the party lively. The dance floor was never empty. We highly recommend him!


DJ KC was our DJ and he was fantastic. We had an absolute blast at our wedding, thanks in large part, to the set list he worked with us to ensure was perfect and the energy he helped create all night! Numerous people have told us that the music was the best of any weddings they've been to and we'd definitely recommend KC.


DJ KC made our wedding, "the best wedding we have ever been to," according to many of our friends and family. Their promptness and professionalism made the music planning a breeze. KC knew exactly what we wanted to hear since his planning was so thorough (he sent us an excel spread sheet with 4000 songs, and we marked like on the the songs we liked and don't play on the songs we hate so that he got an idea of what we like. At the wedding, he nailed it). His preparation was incredibly impressive.

Hands down best DJ I have ever seen at a wedding.


DJ KC worked my wedding, and delivered on my expectations -- everyone loved the music he played, and he was noticeably choosing what songs to play based on the dance floor occupants' enthusiastic reactions. I would absolutely recommend them and hire them again.


KC was the deejay at our wedding reception and we couldn't have been happier with the job he did. It was important for us to have a deejay who wasn't interested in trying to attract attention to himself, but was able to read the energy of the crowd and keep the dancing going. When we first met with KC, he was most interested in the type of music that we wanted to play. That approach of his continued throughout our time working with him. When it came to our first dance song, we wanted to merge two songs together and he was able to do that exactly the way we asked him to. The only time KC got on the mic was to make announcements that we asked him to make. From the moment the party really kicked off, the dance floor was packed the entire time with people of all different ages. We had several people tell us how much fun they had and how much they loved the deejay. KC was a great choice for us and we would recommend him to anybody looking for a deejay!

Private User

It was a pleasure working with KC at my wedding and he was great! My guests thought he was awesome, but most importantly, he was on time (early!) and very professional. I almost wish I could have another wedding so that I could work with him again.


We had an excellent experience with DJ KC in particular. We had to scramble a bit last minute to find a DJ (just a couple months out) and were really fortunate with how it all worked out. KC met with us to talk about the kind of music we wanted, then sent us a Google doc with a ton of songs to flag ones we liked/didn't like as well as a place to list must-plays and set songs (first dance, etc). He also provided the sound system for both the ceremony (we had a guitarist for that, but KC still handled sound) and reception. 10% discount for paying the whole bill up front, rates seemed competitive and service was exceptional. Our wedding was 2 hours from DC, so KC came down the night before to make sure he was there on time (we covered the hotel), and arrived over 4 hours before the wedding started to set up. The caterer even mentioned to us how early he got there to make sure everything was ready. The whole event went incredibly smoothly and we had a fully positive experience. Great dude, too. Highly recommend.


DJ KC was amazing! After looking through some of the Fatback files, we had a strong foundation for a good mix and KC delivered. We ran out of room on the dancefloor under the tent, and folks were overflowing into the grass. But they didn't care at all... they had a great time, because the music was awesome.

Private User

KC deejayed our wedding at a farm in Maryland in May 2014. I cannot recommend him highly enough. We met in advance a few times to discuss musical preferences and to give him a sense of the venue and the crowd. He gave us access to a massive spreadsheet of songs and artists and allowed us to identify the ones that we like (and that we don't like). He mic'd us up for the ceremony, and the sound was flawless and the mics were unobtrusive. The sound for speeches/toasts during dinner was also flawless. After dinner, he straight rocked the party. He stayed true to the preferences we had discussed, but he did an excellent job of getting the sense of the crowd and tweaking the set list to keep everyone moving all night. The dance floor was packed immediately, and it stayed that way. I can't count how many people complimented him, and several have asked for KC's contact info to book him for their own weddings and other events. KC is extremely easy to work with, reliable, responsive, experienced, and we are grateful that he helped make our wedding so much fun!

Private User

KC was our wedding DJ, and he was phenomenal. He listened carefully to our do not play list to get a strong sense of the vibe we were trying to create. When KC sensed things needed more energy, he would find an appropriate tune, and when he saw the crooning couples wanted to slow dance, he'd find the perfect match. Boy was he successful. We had people on the dance floor spanning four generations an hour after the party was supposed to end.


Yelp Reviews for Fatback DC:

Jen C.

Hot.  Sweaty.  Dance.  This is my jam.  My booty-shaking, foot-stomping, baby-making jam.

Molly M.

I have never really thought of myself as a clubber, a dancer, or anything else along those lines. But the Fatback DJs changed that... for this event, at least.  I had an INCREDIBLE time at EVERY fatback, and am just devastated that this is over.  I even had fantasies of having them play at my wedding if I ever got married.  These guys are the real deal.  It took about a million years to get a drink here, so we pregamed...but who needs alcohol when you can dance to an incredible mix of funk, oldies, and 80's music? These were the best of Saturday ngihts.

James G. 

What I need for dance happiness: old-skool/soul/funk, great crowd, no cover, and a little room to dance.

For one night a month, Fatback takes over Dahlak and gives me what i need.  Energetic DJs who are in the groove, people who love to dance, and a late night pizza joint right across the street top it off.  The only drawback is that sometimes it can get HOT -- like sweltering southeast asia hot.  Both the lack of AC and the music are to blame: just as you are thinking you need to step outside for some air, another solid song comes on and you have to dance some more.  I think it's my new favourite dancing spot in DC.

No cover, great old-skool/soul/funk music, great crowd, and not too packed.

Sean B.

Reasons to go:

1. It is free

2. Most of the music is great

3. It is packed

4. You will sweat

5. You will be getting a good workout

6. If you have no dancing skills, you will not stand out. You will fit in quite nicely. 

7. A totally laid back environment. No need to dress up (but there are plenty of ladies there that look very nice)

So GO! You have no reason not to. Unless you hate to have fun, then yeah, skip it.

Adele C.

While at Fatback, you might ask yourself, "Why am I dancing to a remix of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight?"

I say, have a couple of drinks and go with it - this once-a-month dance night at LIV on U St. is just plain fun.  It's oldies and soul classics you know, but mixed and mashed-up in a cool way, and the crowd is really relaxed.  Also the month I went, there was a person dressed up in a pig costume.  Why not?

Jessica L.

A friend brought me here for this AMAZING night of fun!! I cannot wait to go to the next one!! Sweaty hot night of dancing, best time ever....  COME FIND ME, let's drink and I'll challenge you to a dance off!!

Caroline V.

If you want to listen to funky old school tunes and get your groove on (and your booty spanked), go to Fatback on U and 11th. Their DJs are SICK and spinning funky soul disco tunes like there's no tomorrow.  Who knew white boys can mix like that?  I'm loving it!  Michael Miller was the best DJ for the evening.  Their DJs are the mix masters at old school tunes and the best part is that it's live mixing in real time.  Fatback is a 3rd Saturday of the month disco soul dance party at Liv which is next door to Bohemian Caverns.  No cover and cheap drinks... "that's the way, u-huh, u-huh, I like it, u-huh, u-huh".  Full of 20 and 30 somethings, Fatback is a great place to dance and get you're groove on if you're sick and tired of the same old scenes at the K Street clubs (you know which ones I'm talking about).  One of the DJs has their signature pig bopping up and down in the front while the DJs are spinning... mad-crazy times. Fatback, we have our 2nd date in January. & I can't wait.

Jason Vuong D.

People here have one mission and it is to dance. I've never been anywhere where people go to just dance like that. They are just in their own zone. I f***ing love it!   So, come along and dance away. (Remember to stop once in awhile to people watch because, mind you, there are many characters on the dance floor. )Go backfat! Oops, I mean fatback.

Tiffany H.

Fatback is the type of party I could see my mother having frequented back in the '70s, when she was a stone cold fox in hot pants and blue eyeshadow, shakin' that bacon all over the dance floor!  That's the type of scene this is: just pure, unadulterated FUN, where nobody's going to start a fight, or be afraid to sweat (a LOT), or press up on you and get all gropey (well, not unsolicited, anyway...).  Great tunes, fearless DJs, cool bartenders, cooler strangers, weird cartoons and scenes from a slaughterhouse projected behind the DJ booth... It's all there, everything you could ever ask for.  Just be prepared to stand in line if you arrive much after 11 or so.  Fatback's 3rd anniversary party back in January had a line out the door 30 minutes before it even started.  And yes, yes, it does get so oppressively hot it's almost surreal.  I've had actual steam coming off me on many, many occasions.  And the funny thing is that no one bats an eyelash when you're standing next to them literally STEAMING, I mean damn near smoking!  It's just another night at Fatback, just another chick gettin' her groove on, almost to the point of death.

Go if you:

- Don't like assholes, posers, or girls who wear glitter when they go out

- Are broke

- Dance badly but with utter conviction

- Would want to hear, for example:  Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Parliament, Shangri-Las, Hall & Oates, "What's the 411?"-era Mary J. Blige, the chopped and screwed version of Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's "Islands in the Stream", or "Outstanding" by the Gap Band (it's the very last song they play every night)

I do wish they played more garage rock-type stuff, though.  It totally fits, and would be super sweet.

Katie Y.

Dear Fatback,

I love you to pieces, but while I hate my own fatback, I don't really want to lose it by sweating it out in one night. Your music gets everyone moving, and it's dark enough in there that everyone loses their inhibitions in dancing (although sometimes a bit too dark to see who is around you... lots of mis-matched introductions going on of strangers). You attract a pretty good variety of people: various races and ages are represented fairly well. Your admission is free and drinks are not cheap, but still affordable. You keep things exciting by hosting the party only once a month (every third Saturday of the month), thus making it an event to look forward to and psych up some friends to go. 

However, dear Fatback, I BEG you to get some better airflow going on. Yes, the fog breaks are fun and dandy... but for the love of god, get some industrial fans going on and cool off these hot booty-shakers! I always find that I have energy to keep enjoying the phat-back tunes, but there comes a point a bit too early in the evening where the exercise + alcohol + HOT HOT HEAT = I gotta bounce before I drop dead. You get me some fresh air in there, and I'll get you five stars. Deal?

But, as always, I'll still come back for more some third Saturday in the future, because no matter what, you promise me a good time. And that is what Saturday nights are all about.


Katie Y.

Josh H.

These guys know how to party! After stumbling upon one of their parties during my bachelor weekend, they are now my favorite party people in DC. These guys just took bachelor weekend to a whole new level. Throwing down funky soul beats and a great vibe, this is a must-attend party if you want to have a great time and you're tired of the straight up grinding to horrendous top 20 music scene.

Cat P.

Love the old-school tunes!!! It's not a place to see and be seen, which I much prefer. For those who go dancing for the sake of dancing.

Candace K. 

So take this review for what its worth. We went on Saturday and literally couldn't stay for more than 10 minutes. It was oppressively hot in the place and there was a real danger of passing out if we decided to stay. From what I heard when we were there I really liked the music and the vibe was people just there to dance and have a good time. I think I could have had an epic night if it hadn't been so hot. Maybe I go in the winter?

Sarah O.  

You will have so much fun dancing at Fatback all night long! Does dancing get any better than this? Yeah I didn't think so. Enough said.


Yelp reviews for the La Boum Brunch (yes this is a brunch!) that I have been DJing since 2011. This has easily been one of the wildest events I've ever DJed. 

Jessica D.

This review is for La Boum aka the BEST brunch in DC. I know the wait is forever to get a reservation but once you get in it's totally worth it. There is literally nothing about this experience that should be changed. I left wondering (in my champagne fog) why I ever wasted a saturday on errands and laundry.  If you're a 20 something female in DC you MUST gather up your girls and hit up La Boum. It would be impossible to have a bad time here -- even the waiters were getting down!

Anuj S.

It's really quite simple - this place is, hands down, the best party I've ever been to. What you say? Party at a dinner/brunch spot? That's right - welcome to the party brunch. My friends and I have been here more than 5 times for their Saturday party brunch, and we can't get enough of it. The service doesn't get any better, the owners are fantastic, and the food is great too (I know, sounds like an afterthought after everything else I've said). If you have friends from out of town, take them here and they will never forget their trip to DC. If you've never been, go here. Now.  PS - The brunch is so good, you gotta make reservations months in advance. Get on it!

Jide F.

La Boum has totally changed my brunch experience and I'm not sure if I can have a "regular" brunch ever again. Music, service, food, party. All of it was beyond any expectation. When my friends and I sat down our super polite server explained the menu and what the atmosphere would be like. Amidst the jams the DJ was playing, our server mentioned "don't hesitate to dance on your chair" and I kinda scoffed him off. He laughed and said that he would guarantee I'd be on my chair. What do you know, ten minutes later myself and about half the room were on our chairs getting down. Somewhere between all the dancing and flowing champagne, I managed to eat. I ordered the (large) tuna steak as my main course and the mushroom soup for my starter. Both were delicious and I especially enjoyed the sauce on the tuna. The party really got serious towards the end after the second burlesque show. Clothes were coming off and the dancing got a little grittier. All in all an entertaining afternoon in DC. I highly recommend La Boum for everyone looking for the best, brunch, ever.

Stephanie J.

Review is for La Boum Brunch. La Boum was some of the most fun I've had in a while. La Boum or as I described to my friends "Disco Brunch" is 3 courses of pulsating music, dancing on chairs and good food as well! There is a 3 course pre fix menu for $28.00 and you also receive 2 bonus shots. My only complaint is that bottles were a little expensive and there weren't any mimosa specials. So the check was a bit higher than I wanted to pay. But it was totally worth it, definetly bring friends and be ready to have a good time!

Laura O.

Well, L'Enfant Cafe has provided what is probably my favorite dining experience, ever. Take a (shirtless) DJ, an owner who performs a sultry dance with napkins on top of the bar, a burlesque dancer performing with fire, and a bunch of drunken revelers and you've got La Boum brunch, L'Enfant's weekly Saturday party of awesomeness.  Oh, and you also get a nice bonus: Food. The menu is three-course prix fixe. I ordered the soup du jour, which was tomato-based and delicious, and the eggs benedict, which was also very good. I ate it while dancing on a chair. In this particular context, it was a perfectly natural way to eat one's eggs benedict. I will say that we had to wait awhile to get our food. Brunch starts at 2, and I don't think we got our main course until like 4 PM, so I would recommend getting an order of pommes frites for your table to stave off any hunger. And then there's the booze. Upon entering, you immediately get a complimentary shot of some champagne-based drink, and then later on everyone gets another little shot of something while the DJ plays the LMFAO song. Most of our table started off with mimosas, then moved on to a bottle of champagne. It's fun to get a bottle here because they bring them out with a little firework thing and you get to hold it and take pictures and whatnot. I also got a lot of free alcohol from random people. Everyone makes friends with each other here, and you end up getting free drinks as a result. And then you dance, and you dance, and you dance.  I've done the La Boum brunch twice so far, and I didn't think it would be possible to have more fun than the first time around, but somehow it happened. Seriously awesome.

Juliann A.

They warn you that this is not your grandmother's brunch. They're right--unless your grandmother loves to drink champagne, dance on tables, eat great crepes, enjoy loud music, and party on Saturday afternoons!  I'm not technically a grandmother yet because my adult children will not comply with my requests to have babies. But even I were, I would still have a fantastic time at La Boum! You need reservations and you need to stay for the full three hours of merriment.

Aileen F.

A year later this is hands down my best recommendation for brunch. If you have a Saturday afternoon free with friends it's worth it to reserve a place for the La'Boom brunch. It takes place Saturdays afternoon inside and it the best time you'll have. Great food, service and atmosphere- there really isn't anything more you could ask for.

Vick P.

I came to La Boum event at L'Enfant Cafe last weekend with a few friends. My friend described the whole experience best, "it was like a dream" haha. It really was something quite different.  We had reserved seating prior to the day. We got there at about 2PM on Saturday. The food was from a price fixe menu. I ordered this spinach egg crepe which was delicious. They even had one of my favorite beers Lefe Blonde. Soon after we ordered the whole place became a crazy party with people dancing on tables, champagne bottles going around, and a burlesque dancer that came out of no where. That part lasted another couple hours. The service was wonderful. The staff was so friendly and helpful. If you're in the area I would highly recommend La Boum!

Britney J.

Just went to La Boum brunch yesterday. Wow, that's the most fun I've had in awhile. My only complaint, you don't get a lot of food for the 28 dollars. However, I think everyone should experience this place!

Sarena S.

I had the most wonderful brunch here last weekend with my boyfriend. I highly recommend the French Toast - it was melt-in-your-mouth and light, and I was in love after just a few bites off of the bf's plate. The nutella crepe was delicious, too. The place was bustling yet cozy. I cant wait to try La Boum, their afternoon DJ'ed champagne brunch which sure to leave me smiling at 5pm on a Saturday.

Ashley S.

My boyfriend and I went for the La Boum - party brunch. At first I was disappointed because we made reservations a few months prior and were still seated at the bar. Space was tight but the bar is definitely the place to be. We had a front row seat to bar top dancing and great drink service. The music was great, very danceable; the croque monsieur was amazing (I had a savory crepe last time, it left soemthing to be desired); champagne by bottle is a must; and the burlesque show ended up being a male performer, but he was wonderful. Worth the wait!

Daine H.

La Boum Brunch is my favorite thing about DC. I've been 3 times now in the last year and I have my fourth time coming up in a few weeks.

Here's what you need to know:

1. You have to be prepared to spend upwards of $60 between food, tip, and drink-- if you only plan to have one or two glasses of champagne. The cheapest bottle of champagne is $50.. but it does come as bottle service with a sparkler and makes everyone in the tiny room dance and cheer for you.

2. There will be nudity- whether it be the burlesque dancers or your fellow la boum-ers who decide that they are wearing too much clothing. Last time I went, we won a free bottle of champagne because my friend threw her bra at the owner's head. 

3. You will spend any moment not eating standing on your chair dancing to Rihanna and will feel like its 2am when its 3pm. 

4. You have to make an opentable reservation 2-3 months in advance for 2 or 2:15 pm on a Saturday. It doesn't tell you that you're successfully reserving for La Boum, you just have to know that you're doing so. I actually suggest you try to make it on the Saturday because they open up another week's worth of reservations on each Saturday so your chances of getting a table increase. And you have to give your credit card number when you do because if anyone in your party bails, it will cost you $50. 

Everything about La Boum was worth it. It's so much fun because its a middle of the day party that everyone wants to be at and everyone is well off enough to drop a little cash, so it doesn't feel creepy.  Hope you have a blast!

Michael K.

I was there for their La Boum brunch on Saturdays. It's something extra. You don't go there for the food (it's really mediocre), nor to get accidentally tipsy. You go there to drink lots of sparkling wine (they call it champagne, but it's not), dance and get wild. It's seriously the funnest brunch I've been to ever. Not for conservative people, or for people who are shy. Pretty young crowd, on average I'd say the age is 25-30. If you get the chance to go: do!

Mahoganie B.

I've been Le'Boum'd and I loved it! First let me say, I'm still a bit buzz'd from today's brunch, so I'm not even sure if my review will make any cents.... errr ssince.. SENSE!!! However, just in case there is any doubt how I feel, I walked in all primp and proper, yanno like a lady and walked out with my back and boobs covered in sweat like a non-virgin taking that shame walk! Ever heard of the expression "We Brunch Hard!!"??? Ok So for starters it's my friend's birthday. She suggested, invited and made the reservations. According to her we were very lucky! It's MANDATORY that you reserve for Le'Boum (the Saturday Brunch). With our little group making it in under the wire, Le'Boum is currently booked until March! Why? Here's why! The space is small. L'enfant is truly reminiscent of a street corner French cafe. But it's cozy. If you suffer from claustrophobia, have a thing about people invading your circumference, or just easily rubbed wrong if someone bumps into you. Stay away from this place. Your tense energy isn't needed. This place is fun and the amount of alcohol folks part take helps create a relaxed atmosphere. One of their things "If it's one person's birthday, it's everyone's birthday!" Sooo SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! and Mo! SHOTS! (well it was one round of shots for everyone on the house) Also, it seems to be a popular brunch that it fills up quickly. What makes it so popular? It could be the flat price of $28 per person (not including your drinks), the brunch menu of French offerings is delicious; you are offered a complimentary slider (or something like a shot) that's called Kira (spelling?). I had the yogurt parfait and for the main dish the crepe complete. Question: How do they expect you to eat with all the drinking and dancing. Oh yes there is Dancing.. lots and lots of dancing... especially on chairs.  For the most part, the DJ was on point as he allowed me to revisit my 80s childhood, my teenage self from the 90s and easing into currently top 40 music (the unclean or Walmart versions). Oooooo that dirty version of CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE.  The brunch takes place in broad daylight (like 1 or 2 pm ish till around 5 pm ish), so for all of the DC sophisticates it's basically a day party. So don't be alarmed when the owner stops the music, gets on the mic, explains his rules (no dancing on tables, you will dance on a chair and you remove one layer of clothing). Don't go into hiding when he tells you to shut the shutters so it can get explicit inside. Don't go to your prude place when you see the burlesque dancer do her routine and ultimately reveal her pasties! Oh if you are passed a gold magic hat and/or a tambourine DO THE MOST WITH IT! LET IT ALL GO!  So if I enjoyed it so much why only the 4 stars and not the 5? As I said the DJ was on point! I loved the 80s/90s mix. I could have lived without some of the top 40 tunes. I'm a DC girl to the bone but I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE House music. Had he threw in some House tunes; a good balance of that dub house, soul house maybe even something from the REAL Ibiza (in Spain).. I probably would have tried to dance on the table. LOL But it's not a rave... or was it a soft rave? Hmmmm Either way, as L'Enfant explains it on the menu.. Le'Boum is the kind of party you wanted to have as a teen and a young adult without parental supervision. I'm in my 30s now and I'm sure a lot of folks there were as well. I think we all created our own John Hughes flick or moment at Le'boum inside our heads today. Blame it on the Goose, or in my case the Jack Daniels, Pinot Noir, the Rose', the....................... You get the picture.

Victoria C.

La Boum changed my life. No seriously, it really changed my life and I just can't look at brunch the same again. For those who don't know, La Boum is the name of the party brunch here at L'Enfant Cafe. It is only on Saturdays and you can only get  a reservation at either 2:00 or 2:15, which lasts until around 6:00 (good luck getting a reservation though, they book up months in advance).  So, at 2:00 exactly, the restaurant will open its doors (if you come early, your ass will be sitting outside until they open the door...exactly at 2...even if it's snowing). Before you can walk through the door however, the host will ask for your ID and cross your name off the list, and then direct you to your table (or seat at the bar). When you get to your seat, you will be greeted with a menu and a Kir Royale shot. The menu is a 3-course pre-fix brunch menu for $28, drinks are separate. Drinks are around $10 and range from the standard brunch cocktails (Kir, Kir Royale, Mimosa) as well as martinis, beer and wine. They also have bottles of champagne available, that arrive at your table with a sparkler, starting at about $50. For food, I got the yogurt parfait and the Crepe Complete (crepe w. ham, cheese and an over medium egg); my bf got the asparagus bisque and the  Steak Frites, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  So, everyone is just sitting around, chatting, taking in the sun and enjoying their meal, and then around 3:30, the MC (who is also the owner) comes out on the microphone and announces that things are going to get wild, and proceeds to tell the staff to turn off the light and close the blinds. This should be your first indication that you are going to lose your mind. Then, he does a few icebreakers, which include passing around a sombrero and a tambourine, and tells people that if it lands on your head, you have to do a sexy dance. Of course, the damn hat landed on my hear within the first few minutes and I was not pleased to say the least, I snatched it off my head and gave it to my bf, who instantly got into character. Ironically, towards the end, I was begging for the hat. I'm probably already giving out too much information, but I'll just end this by saying that things got (especially with the super sexy burlesque dancer). There was lot of Euro-house music and mash-ups and everyone literally lost their shit when Rihanna's "We Found Love" came on. Everyone was bff's by the time it was over and at 6:00 the whole restaurant looked so sad and depressed like "It's over?! Now what?!". Best time ever, can't wait to go back!